CE Mark

CE mark certification

CE Certificate:

The CE Certificate is a safety sign used to make the regulation on technical structures simpler and more general in order to ensure the full free movement of products within the framework of compliance with the European Union technical legislation.

Products without CE marking or CE certification are not allowed to enter European markets. The CE mark or the CE Certificate has many benefits for manufacturers.

Benefits of CE Certificate can be listed as follows;
  • CE Marking ensures the free movement and marketing of the product in EU countries.
  • Industrialists have to put koymak CE ”mark on the product in order to market their products at the national and international level.
  • CE Mark indicates the conformity of the product with the EU technical legislation.
  • CE Mark, a kind of product that serves as a passport.
  • CE Mark is definitely not a quality mark and guarantees a certificate.
  • The CE mark indicates the level at which quality starts.
  • CE Mark, products below this level are considered unsafe, are not placed on the market, and are therefore considered to be of poor quality.
  • CE Marked product is not possible to be rejected in EU countries with legal reasons related to norms.
  • The CE Mark is an indication of compliance with the new approach directives.
  • Products bearing the CE marking have the opportunity of free circulation and marketing in European Union countries.
  • Industrialists must place CE marking on their products in order to market their products both inside and outside the country.
  • Products bearing the CE marking prove that this product is manufactured in accordance with the European Union technical legislation.
  • The CE marking does not necessarily mean a quality certificate or a guarantee certificate, contrary to what is believed.
  • Products below this level are considered to be unhealthy, insecure, and unqualified and should not be placed on the market.
  • Products bearing the CE marking cannot be rejected in the European Union countries on the basis of legal grounds on standards.
  • The CE mark is an indication of production in accordance with the New Approach Directives published in the European Union.