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Increasing demand for internal audit functions to take broader and more strategic roles within organizations makes evident the high profile that internal audit has with executives and boards today. As a result of this increased profile, internal audit departments and leaders are searching for ways to broaden their skill sets and scope of influence. Today’s leading internal audit functions ensure their organizations become more innovative and explore new technologies, identify and mitigate emerging risks, develop creative solutions to complex business challenges and encourage best practices to enhance business functions.

‘MBA Solutions’ is a global leader in internal audit solutions and one of its key features is that it is not an audit/accounting firm. There is never an independence issue in the work ‘MBA Solutions’ does for clients and therefore ‘MBA Solutions’ can utilize all of the resources on hand to work on internal audit projects—allowing the best experts in various functional and process areas to be brought on for specific engagements. In addition, ‘MBA Solutions’ can conduct an independent review of an organization’s internal audit function; a requirement under standards from The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

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