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A well-established gap analysis is defined as a real difference between an organization’s current situation and where an organization wants to be in the future. Analysis of gaps indicates weak points that must be stopped to achieve the desired results. Making a strategy and related action plans to overcome the difference in a commercially feasible solution is the most complicated activity while performing a gap analysis. The idea of ​​difference analysis can be used in many applications. Our team has been carrying out a gap analysis in different organizations bases for over three years of experience. MBA solutions perform gap analysis in a descriptive step-by-step process to identify the targeted problems. Our company has a proven track record in gap analysis services that enable our clients to understand the identified gap and also take steps to close the gap.

MBA solutions have the following gap analysis services.

General gap analysis:

MBA Solutions’ general gap analysis services assist its clients in developing a better understanding of their business practices and upgrading their potential. Our briefly developed general gap analysis services have supported many of our clients to take the initiative to grow their business successfully.

MBA Solutions definitely notice and sort out the hole across the association. We foster interaction and make fundamental moves to satisfy our ideal objectives.

What Is an ISO 9001 Gap Analysis?

MBA solutions offer the best services in ISO 9001:2015 gap analysis. MBA Solutions initiate a Gap Analysis process to measure the gap between your current management system and an ISO 9000:2015 Standard.

What is meant by Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis is used to assess company preparation and resources for building a management system like an ISO 9001 QMS. The gap analysis also generates the data to develop a project plan for ISO 9001:2015 standard implementation.

What is the Purpose of an ISO 9001: 2015 Standard Gap Analysis?

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