Halal certified
Halal certified


“Food That Meets With Muslim Law”.

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic word that means lawful or permitted by God. In terms of foods, it is a standard that is designed to deal with food-related items to ensure the manufacturing of items is according to guidelines prescribed in the Quran. The Contrary of Halal is Haram which means, forbidden by Allah. Halal and haram are terms that apply to all aspects of life. These terms are usually used regarding food products, meat products, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and food contact materials.

Halal Certifications:

Halal certified means that the particular product is approval as halal by a reliable Islamic accreditation body. Halal certification requires a series of steps that keep an eye on the process of ingredient verification, inspection audits, and approvals.

Who needs halal certifications?

The halal certification is a document that assures that products and services focused on the muslin population comply with the requirements of Islamic law. Products must be acceptable for consumption in both Islamic countries and western countries where there is a large group of the Muslim population.

Benefits of Halal Certifications:

  • The certifications ensure the halal complaisance of raw material used in processing.
  • Emphasize the growth of new market and customer segments.
  • The certification makes your products and services acceptable for the national and international market.
  • Make your impact reliable and build up your image in your contemporaries
  • Build customers’ trust and increase their satisfaction with your organization.
  • Your products are reliable, certified, and internationally acceptable as per recognized halal standards by an accredited halal certification body.
  • You can give a good response to your customer’s inquiries from the Muslim world
  • To build customers’ confidence in your product that the product they are purchasing is according to halal standards.

Competitive advantage:

Manufacturers can use this certification to target a bigger market. It can enhance your marketability of a product which results in increasing bossiness profit.

It also enhances the quality of a product in the minds of consumers that the product they are consuming is not only fulfilling the requirement of halal but also hygienically prepared.

It provides a proper mechanism to authorities to keenly observe the whole process of product compliance.



Mba solutions provide certifications and consultancy in halal standards to ensure that your product is fulfilling all the requirements of the halal standard.

We keenly observe and make your organization able to fulfill customers’ requirements regarding halal certification.