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GDPMD (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices)

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    GDPMD: Good Distribution Practices for Medical device.

    Good Distribution Practices for Medical Devices identify the prerequisite for a QMS to be established, accomplished, and maintained by an establishment in carrying out activities in the medical device supply chain to comply with Pakistan medical device regulative instruments.

    Benefits of GDPMD Certifications

    ·         Improve the detectability of medical devices.

    ·         Organize the control and maintenance of records and documents.

    ·         Systematize the overall administering procedures of medical devices.

    ·         Strengthen the consistency of the distribution activities like customer order handling, procurement, warehouse management, devices delivery to maintenance.

    ·         Optimize warehouse management and equipment maintenance.

    ·         Effectively implement the procedures to recall non-conforming products, issue advisory notice, build up effective communication channels with regulatory bodies and users, handle customer complaints.

    ·         Effective storage conditions.

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