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SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)

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    SEDEX – Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

    Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, or SEDEX certification audit, is a system proposed to empower organizations into improving the moral execution of their production network. Organizations that are part of SEDEX utilize its electronic framework, participate in conferences and gatherings to interact with a network of organizations, and receive training. This connected network of organizations working allows for regular updates to take place down the supply chain levels whenever necessary. Along with other organizations, ELC also took the initiative of ensuring high standards of hygiene measures during Covid-19, making their entire facility compliant to the global ethical standards of operations, our aim was to aim for SMETA guidelines as it operates on 4 key areas important for every organization. These are:

    1.    Health & Safety

    2.    Labor Standards

    3.    Environment

    4.    Business Integrity

    These are also called the basis for any organization to be successful and SEDEX acts as a pillar to emphasize these 4 needs and increase the output of every organization, ensuring success in the long run.

    Benefits of SEDEX Certifications

    • Results in the overall improvement in the supply chain for any business.
    • Maintenance and management of the organization’s data.
    • Improvement of the overall reputation of the organization.
    • Reduce workload and generate better involvement from employees.
    • All the data is made available in one place which makes it easier to operate.
    • Effective management of the global supply chain.
    • Organization becomes capable of properly managing the supply chain and sharing relevant information at the right time.

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